Bocca di Valle: the Cascade St. John

Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Bocca di Valle: the Cascade St. John

New trekking route on the eastern slope of the Majella National Park, also suitable for less experienced hikers or less fit, without sacrificing anything to the scenic beauty of the place.

The itinerary loop of the resort town of Bocca di Valle, close to Guardiagrele, and runs along an easy path in the woods you come up with 1.30 hours walking the Waterfall San Giovanni in 1080 m altitude.After reaching the jump of about 30 m you can go back on the same route, or continue to follow the path to Pian delle Mele then close the loop trail down to Bocca di Valle. In the page dedicated to the route you will find the photos and the important visible even in video tutorials HD that will show you step by step everything you need to know on the route from start to finish.

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  • Vincenzo


    28 September 2013 at 20: 32 | #

    Bello Bello belloooo !!!! I did already a part of the way to the waterfall St. John, but then I fell back on the left. I do not remember the numbers of paths. Beautiful, knows me that we do a trip around the middle of October. Johnny Bravo and closer to the top with these documents at the highest level !!! A Hug Enzo


    • Johnny D'Aloisio

      Johnny D'Aloisio

      29 September 2013 at 15: 19 | #

      Thanks Enzo ...


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